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2016 ... CMJ signs MOU for licensing and manufacturing rights and international distribution of specialty engineered panels.

2016 ... CMJ signs MOU for first licensing and manufacturing rights for regional distribution of Ready Wall Panel System.

May, 2015 ... CMJ manufactures and provides onsite supervision of Ready Wall Panels for first home in Jeanerette, Louisiana. 


structural load bearing and insulated Panels

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Jim jenkins

USA military veteran with 40 years of concrete engineering and faux stone experience.

manufactured-shipped customized for projects.

"Stone" Wall Cladding


30 years of petroleum marketing experience. Ten years in construction, licensed contractor, and CEO of Granicrete International.

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CMJ structural insulated wall panels (SIPs) are custom completely custom and finished.  Our Ready Insulated Wall Panels for easy installation and revolutionary load-bearing capability are the builder's wise choice for controlling both project cost and time.

CMJ "Stone" Clad Panels are so authentic looking and provide speed in installation.  Our interlocking system with hidden screws removes the labor and costs for mortar, mounting and spacing.

CMJ technologies utilizes cementitious composites combined with green resources to create super strength load-bearing concrete foundations and wall structures at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional inferior steel reinforced concrete.


Structural insulated panels

Engineering Wisdom...

Simpler and superior load-bearing wall construction.

CMJ Systems, LLC brings over 40 years of experience to provide you with the most advanced cementitious-composite load-bearing foundations, wall panels, and faux stone cladding systems.

Our systems combine what savvy customers and engineers are wanting in today's walls: energy efficient, supremely durable, green integrations, that are very cost effective alternatives to current stick frame or cement-steel reinforced practices.

Learn about the distinct advantages we have over structural and structural insulated panels (SIPs).

or on-site casted and erected.

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