USA Southern Border Wall: DHS Solicitation # 2017-JC-RT-0001

  • Composite Fiber and Green Composite Fiber Technologies reduces landfill waste. 
  • Can yield up to a 50-60% reduction in costs as compared to steel reinforced concrete.
  • Can yield twice the strength of steel reinforced concrete placing into service within 24 hours of manufacturing.
  • Stronger load-bearing than steel reinforced concrete yet several times lighter in weight for saving costs associated for trenching and foundation stabilizing.
  • Manufacturing quality control assures consistent non-cracking high volume replicated panels. 
  • Manufacturing quality control assures consistent replicated panels for finished design purposes.
  • Manufacturing casting yields higher strengths and air-tight capabilities through interlocking from panel-to-panel design. 
  • For commercial contractors and government agencies seeking latest technologies to reduce material costs while integrating LEED points and reducing landfill waste.

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Patent Pending Technology ... USPTO #62/460,272

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